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Conference “Media literacy. Roadmaps.” How to strategically reach different groups in society

Experience stories and expert opinions: How to strategically reach different groups in society.
How to reach different groups in society effectively – especially those who are somewhat immune to, do not use, or distrust so-called traditional media content? What are the reasons? How to communicate with different audiences about media literacy? How to plan a media literacy strategy to achieve them?

Speakers: Klinta Ločmele, Media Literacy Expert, Head of the IREX Baltic Media Literacy Program at the University of Latvia;

Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, Adviser to Executive Director of the Baltic Media Center of Excellence on Disinformation Issues, Assistant professor and researcher at Vidzeme University;

Zane Matesoviča, Director at British Council Latvia;

Ginta Zalcmane, Head of Information Services and Interlibrary Loan Department of National Libary of Latvia;

Kaspars Rūklis, Program Manager for IREX’s Media Literacy in the Baltics Program.

Tēma: Medijpratība

Autors: NEPLP

Gads: 2021